Downtown SF Sessions


This is going to be a weekly series running from Monday February 4th, 2019. They will be held at Yerba buena gardens on the 3rd Street side in front of the SFMOMA.

Classes are going to be from 5:30-6:30 PM on Mondays and are going to cost $10 each, if you have never taken a Da Xuan class before, your first class will be free. 

All humans welcome! No experience needed, just an open mind to learn new things and evolve as a human being!

We will be going back to basics in our movement to focus on building structure, improving coordination, relaxing our mind and body, as well as working on our grounding the Daoist way. This is what in our school we call Wai gong.

We will be working solo as well as in pairs.

Once we have a foundation to work on, we can combine our physical work with conscious breathing and setting a specific intention to develop our 3 fundamental internal qualities: Feeling, grounding and uniting. This work is what we call Nei gong. 
The physical forms and exercises have been inspired from or have inspired internal martial arts like Tai ji quan, Xing yi quan and Bagua Zhan.

In our school, we also have practices for the mind and energy that require sitting still for at least 5 minutes. We will be going through them in other sessions.